Monday Morning Blues

No matter how upset I get I have to remember not to hurt myself on purpose. I just want to intentionally screw up things for myself as punishment. I want to take the hurt I feel and use it to hurt myself. I should channel it into something more productive, but right now I just feel so down. Earth can really be hell for me most of the time. I’m getting stretched so much these days, it hurts. Things are so much better when I’m alone, but maybe being alone needs to change. Maybe being alone isn’t as comforting as I think it is. I want to isolate myself when I get hurt, so maybe I should speak up instead. Okay Have a Great Morning!


Concept of Time

I wonder if all people age at different rates? 

Remember 2012? That seems so long ago to me, but before that, say in 2013, I would feel like 2012 was still so new. My car had a spankin’ brand new feel to it in 2016, but now it seems old. But why? It has just been time that has passed, and some time seems to pass faster than other times, while some times’ seem to drag. Could time pass differently for everyone? Ages and birthdays are just a way that I choose to keep track of time, but does¬†time actually exist? Is this the reason why certain people look older than their apparent “age”?