Let them be :)

Okay so today I had a HUGE epiphany! There is this guy that I talk to, and I used to get so upset when he would do or say things that I felt weren’t what he was supposed to do. I would correct him on it and what do you know he would go back to doing it again. I have come to terms with my control freakness thank you. Anyways…Naturally I told him I didn’t want to talk to him anymore because I figured I would just keep getting my feelings hurt. Fast forward I’m talking with a good girlfriend of mine and she asks about a stuffed animal on my bed. I tell her that the guy had got it for my at Dave and Busters along with something else and you know what she did? She did the “aw thats so sweet” and thats when the feels kicked in. I realized this guy is actually does a lot of sweet things, hes honest, he doesn’t let me push him around and he sees me as a woman, not a child. The things I was upset about were kind of my own fault.


Say whhaaatttt?

They were these weird expectations that I had of him even though we are not dating, we are not in love and we haven’t connected on a deep level yet. No wonder I would be disappointed all the time. It was at that moment that I decided to text him and tell him that I did not want to stop talking to him.Honestly I did not want to stop in the first place. When we started talking I realized how nice it was to just have someone there. I realized that I don’t actually mind the type of relationship we have even though it’s not label-able. I realized that he is who he is and to let him be who he is. I also realized I know him a lot better than I thought I did, and that I actually do like him when I take away the weird expectations I had. Now we talk normally, I don’t feel any pressure and I’m a lot less control freak-y about it. I can CALM THE EFF DOWN, and continue to have fun with this guy.

Kay thats all for now byeeeeeeeee



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