you’re wasting you’re time.

How? Why would you assume that?

Mind: Because you sleep all day and do not do the things that you said you were going to.

Yes. I guess I don’t have any expectations of myself…

I miss school I wanna go back it helped me build such great confidence when I finally started to see the grades I wanted, it was such a rush, but when I see things not flourishing or making sense that confidence goes away and I turn into the person I was in high school and even before that.

School was something I always hated and ran from. I always felt behind on every curve and I was either too scared to use my assets or to insecure but I let myself go to waste.

I like doing things on my own and when i can do things on my own and see the results I want Im just over the moooooooooooonnnnnnnn 🙂


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