Celebrate Yo’ Self

I love my hair.

I love the color and texture of it.

The way it curls so beautifully when I twirl it around my fingers.

It is beautiful.

I also love my skin.

I love the rich brown pigment and the subtle yellow undertones.

I love the consistency of it all over my body. it suits me.

I love the shape of my eyes, and the dark brown pupils that reside in them.

I love my body.

I love the shape of it.

I love my breasts.

I love the amount of passion that I can exude whenever I am genuinely excited about something. I love my bubbly personality, it is seriously adorable. I love my ability to think about others and myself. I love my willingness to try again, and again. I love my resilience. I am definitely loving my new skill of directing my thoughts.

Most of all I love to find out that I have always been this thing that I love. All these “new skills” I have, I have always had. I have always been the perfect version of myself and I have no idea what I was worried about.

I love to say that I am insecure about so many things. I love to say that I have made so many mistakes.

So today celebrate yourself.

It’s not selfish or conceited to praise the body that you own or to adore the mind that you have. Even if its the smallest thing, praise yourself. Oh you woke up today? Fabulous! It’s hard to do at first but it gets easier and eventually the only proper way to live life.

Remember there are cultural insecurities too but honestly socialization has nothing to do with your happiness. Life, for me, is about supporting one another regardless of prejudices, skin color, cultural differences, language or anything.


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