Some Poetry

Daily Prompt: Eye of the Beholder.

Music inspires, it promotes creativity, and it beckons visions. The lyrics  stream through my ear canals whispering daydreams, and summoning heaps of imagination. I  feel so connected to the lyrics just as easily as I can through the many beats. I could be a model getting ready to strut confidently down a glassy runway, and then a new song is introduced a new world is introduced. Maybe this time I’m grief-stricken, but it is whatever I make of it. The rhythms and words hone in on melancholy memories, and I am taken into a state of sadness. In my somber mood I happen to glance at a portrait of the indigo galaxy, and my world morphs once more. I am floating gently within empty space, and I dance with the many stars I catch along the way. I scuttle to the moon, and wave hello to the revolving earth. A simple distraction can send me back to earth, but only I will know of my small escape beyond the atmosphere. Only I would remember the dreamy feeling that coursed through my being, and nothing in this world could possibly match that.



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